Hamza is a Product Designer and Solutions Consultant working at  Voiant.



Alif Icons

Built a custom-made icon set for designers and developers. The collection uniquely captures Pakistan's cultural artifacts and pop-art references, they are created in a way startups and enterprises can integrate it in their websites. 


Surkhi Fact-Checker

Worked on the core design system for their web application from end-to-end. Featuring a mobile-first feed, the app lists fact checks and debunks its validity through investigative journalism methodologies. Designed content templates for their infographic division.


Amazon Redesign (Project)

A design challenge where I worked on the Amazon mobile app's product page and improve its flow. The study was initiated to understand the pain points of users and analyze how structural placement of information can improve user conversion.

Writings and Initiatives

1. Getting into Product Design
Useful tips and resources mentioned to get prospective candidates to start learning the required skills expected from a product or UX Designer.

2. Takhleeq (تخلیق) - Essays on Design, Technology and Art
Think pieces that are intended to examine Pakistan's design and technological systems and frameworks introspectively by providing a historical context and analysis.

3. Github Repository of tech companies hiring in Pakistan
Created a github repository to connect recruiters and founders with undergraduates, graduates and professionals with engineering background who looking out for opportunities in the technology space.

4. Uncovering Design Problems by asking the right questions (Medium Article)
In this article I talk about how phrasing a ‘question’ in the context of product design is to uncover problems and identify business opportunities within the domain being explored. 


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Updated July 2020